About Us

A music streaming app created out of necessity and rooted in the discovery of emerging music.

Founded on one of the largest music campuses in the country, LÜM was created because we were starving. Starving for something new, something that wasn’t spoon fed to us as we listened to the never-ending hamster wheel that is music streaming. Music is inherently human; created by humans, consumed by humans, and loved by humans. Yet in today’s world, music creation and consumption are crippled by unlimited budgets and hidden agendas. Nothing should control the fate of an artist’s music more than the music itself.

Streaming today hinders artists from moving up. It is a perpetual glass ceiling lacking the tools to break through to the other side. Streaming, as an industry, only increases the disparity between corporate music and emerging artists everywhere. LÜM’s social streaming platform gives emerging artists the tools to promote, advocate, and grow on a platform dedicated to the undiscovered.

LÜM sets out to give music lovers a platform to connect, flourish, and become something more. There is no glass ceiling here. We are a family; a community that supports each other and gives creators a chance to show they belong. After all, music is an art unlike any other; worthy of the support of those who create it and those who consume.

Our Vision

Our Vision: Ad free music streaming that puts the human back in music.

To be the first social streaming company to put the human back in music. Building a space for creators and tastemakers alike to Create the New and Find the Next. Challenging an industry that has neglected the creativity and consumption of music for the profitability of the 1%. LÜM will be the light that shines on the undiscovered.

Through the collaboration and social evolution of music discovery, LÜM will change the way people experience, support, share, and discover music around the world. LÜM will be the space where you are not just consuming a product but participating in a chorus.