About Us

LÜM is a social music streaming application powered by a connected community of emerging artists, listeners, and music curators on the rhythm of what’s hot in the underground music scene. Launched in 2019, LÜM empowers creators to form personal connections with listeners through interactive features of a social media platform to build and grow their careers. LÜM is the nation’s first fully-free streaming application to introduce support through virtual gifting. Artists and listeners can now show and send their support directly to the creators they love through the click of a button.


Easily connect with fans and other artists directly on LÜM’s social platform. LÜM allows artists to find new fans, build their brand and profile, and create stronger relationships with the fans that support them through LÜM’s virtual gifting system.


Find the best new music that you've never heard. Customize your music library and share your latest hot finds with friends and followers. Earn pins and achievements for supporting and finding the top emerging artists on LÜM. Every fan wants to say they were the first to discover an artist, and now they can.

Be a Curator.

Gather your own following. Listen, share, and find your next favorite emerging artists. Build new and refreshing hit playlists and share your finds with the LÜM community.

Monetization for Artists.

Any artist who joins the LÜM community has the opportunity to make money. An artist earns money through receiving virtual gifts from other users, or by accruing Notes from daily tasks. The Note is the foundation of LÜM’s in-app-currency. Every Note is worth more than the per-stream royalty payout on most streaming services. Fans and artists can purchase and earn notes within LÜM’s virtual gifting system.

Fans and other artists use Notes to "gift" an artist one of LÜM's unique virtual gifts. After earning enough Notes to reach the minimum cash-out amount, an artist is then able to convert LÜM's Notes to USD – which is then transferred directly into their bank account.