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A Creator-Driven Marketplace

Activate on your desktop at lum.fm/exchange

The Home for Music Collaboration

The Exchange is a safe and secure marketplace for creators to buy and sell music services!

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Buy and sell Beats, Mix & Mastering, Track Reviews And features

Exchange Benefits


Automated license agreements and contracts


Real-time notifications for new project requests and updates


Unlimited negotiations

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Cashout Notes faster with Pro plan

Upgrade to Exchange Pro

The option for the creators serious about their music offerings!

All Free Exchange Features Plus:

  • Activate Multiple Services

  • Instant Payouts

  • Lower Transaction Fees

  • Free File Sharing & Unlimited Negotiations

  • Increased Exposure on The Exchange

  • Increased Beat Upload Limit

  • Personalized Dashboard & CRM System

  • Reduced Note Cash Out

For more information about the Exchange visit lum.fm/exchange on your desktop device

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