The New Business Model for Music Streaming? LÜM Prepares for Virtual Gifting Launch

Virtual gifting platform allows fans to directly support musicians on fully free music streaming platform with new in-app currency.

MADISON, WI - December 16, 2019 - LÜM has announced the first-ever virtual gifting system as a part of its music streaming platform. Fans will now be able to provide direct support to their favorite artists on the app. In the traditional music industry, only 1% of musicians earn any material income from their music. But, in LÜM’s music discovery community, this new virtual gifting system will allow artists to grow and monetize their fan base.

The Madison-based tech startup recently closed a $1.4 million seed financing and launched its social music streaming app in July. In addition to LÜM’s recent partnership with Frank Productions, one of the largest concert promoters in the United States, this announcement illustrates the mobile app’s dedication to facilitating artist growth while providing new opportunities for emerging musicians around the country.

Since launch, LÜM has accumulated over 30,000 users and 50,000 tracks, making it one of the fastest growing music streaming services in the US. With new offices in Austin, Texas and New York City, the company is accelerating its timeline to transform artist profitability and user experience, with goals of empowering emerging musicians who are currently being neglected by mainstream services.

“For far too long, the financial problems in the music streaming industry have been directly correlated with the frustrations of the majority of users. Therein lies the need for disruption,” said Max Fergus, CEO of LÜM. “Every generation has seen an evolution of music consumption, and now we have the ability to give this generation of artists and fans what they truly want—a better community around music advocacy and artist profitability.”

LÜM will be launching its virtual gifting system in 2020, with a beta release set for January. The system will allow users to earn and buy “Notes,” LÜM’s in-app currency. Users can then use Notes to support their favorite artists, earning rewards and achievements along the way. With the help of Frank Productions, the company is looking to expand the virtual gifting system into live entertainment, as well as other areas that can advance the careers of emerging musicians.

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About LÜM

LÜM is a music streaming and discovery application built on a stand-alone social network that enables emerging artists to circulate their music and grow their fan base. The LÜM platform focuses exclusively on emerging artists and increases artist-to-fan and fan-to-fan engagement through the gamification of social music discovery.

Artists upload their content and connect with fans on LÜM’s platform. Users discover, support and circulate music by sharing and engaging with their friends and peer communities. Founded in 2018, LÜM is headquartered in Madison, WI, with offices in Austin and New York City. For more information, visit

About Frank Productions

Frank Productions is a full-service concert promotion company involved in every facet of live events including talent buying, marketing, ticketing, production, food and beverage, security, venue operations, administration, sponsorships, merchandising, and venue development. Frank Productions produces and promotes live entertainment events in clubs, arenas, performing arts centers, amphitheaters and stadiums across the country. In 2018, Frank Productions entered into a joint venture with Live Nation to continue our accelerated growth. Frank Productions' brands include National Shows 2 and FPC-Live. For more information, visit,,

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